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Primary Longman Express

E - Homework

E - Dictaion Phonics Checking

A Passage A Week

Post A Message

Longman Welcome to English

E - Homework

E- Dictation Phonics Checking

A - Passage A Week

E - writing class

Fun zone

Longman English Reading Website

Reading Corner


English centre, fun & games


Interactive games & making IT teaching materials


Bitesize Revision

Learning activities for different age groups

Games, print and do, songs, archive...  

A word a day, stories, e-cards...

One Minute's English

Interactive games and Cyber activities






Fun, chat, stories and...

The Little Animals Activities Centre

fun and games

Fun Reading


Flash cards, song sheets, games and articles


Storybooks, Colouring pages, fun and games

Games, stories, coloring,...

Stories, music, games and...

animal names, stories and games




Comics, postcards and..

Topsy-Turvy Tales

Print Out Activities

LEGO Explore Games



FREE Fairytales, Folk Tales, & Play Scripts

Fun and Learn, pictures and vocabulary

Games and Contests


Brain Teasers, Study Kit, News and...

Search by Key Stage for relevant teaching resources.

BBC Schools For teachers, learners & parents

Activity sheets, Resources, Clip Art and Games



Reading Comprehension & English Basics

Independent and shared Reading

Exercises and Tests

Flash cards & crossword puzzles

Worksheets, online games, and links


Teacher Resources

ESL & EFL Articles, Activities, Stories, Cartoons & Comics, Drawing and Colouring, Food and Cooking, Holidays

Grammar and Quizzes

Idiom of the Day


News and Questions

Prefixes, Suffixes, Nouns, Verb, Butterfly Life Cycle

World news, cool stuff, Math, Science, English, games and quizzes Activities for ESL Learners

Time, weather, creature world, space

    General Resources, Online courses, Grammar and spelling


Teaching Resources

Grammar terms, rules and exercises


 Lesson plans, games, proverbs

  Useful links and news

Grammar, games, tips and articles@

Teaching and Learning Resources

Cyber Library - Children's Literature

Dave's ESF cafe, HK virtual language centre and... 

Slang, idiom and news

Someone once said (Proverbs)

Colouring corner, stories and games

Teacher's Toolbox, grammar, vocabulary, games, e-exercises &...

Clip art Easter Egg Dress Up

Clip Art, Coloring page, Math, Printable and Online games

English, Religion and Crafts Lesson Plans, DIY stuffs and ...

Fantasy Cards with poem



Teaching Materials