Information Platform for Parents Seeking Alumni Private Tutors: (

In response to considerable requests from NPL parents for hiring our alumni as personal tutors of their children, for your convenience our association has established an online platform on our alumni webpage ( to provide the academic background and contact information of interested alumni so that parents can reach and negotiate with our alumni directly by email or other means. It will be effective on 31st of July. This platform can also be accessed from our school website.

Terms of the service/Disclaimer:

1. The platform users must be the registered members (See the membership registration on the NPL alumni official webpage) of Ngan Po Ling College Alumni Association, parents and students of Ngan Po Ling College.

2.The aforementioned platform,, is only a means of information provision and involves no recommendation whatsoever. Interested alumni have to negotiate with parents on their own.

3.The association and Ngan Po Ling College will have no liability on the negotiation and agreement between parents and our alumni. Alumni are responsible for their own choices and decisions in relation to NPL parents.

4.This is a non-profit-making platform. The school and the association will not accept any benefits in relation to our alumni’s service provision.